Located in Czech Republic Silver Formula Co. Ltd. has devised a silver bearing dispersed system through recent advances in technology that trumps the competition as it is non-toxic and free of derivatives such as nitrates, muriates and other toxic chemicals. Our flagship product, AG OPTIMA 1000, is revolutionary both in the way it’s created and due to the antibacterial properties and stable composition.

Our mission is to deliver first class purification and disinfection agents that are completely safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and 100% effective. In completion of this mission, we have set 3 main values: quality, safety and concern for environment.

First of all, we offer the safest and most effective anti-bacterial, anti-spore and anti-virus agents available on the market today. Our products contain no nitrites, chlorides, muriates or other toxic compounds.

Silver Formula Co. Ltd. has manufacturing plants and laboratories in Europe, which ensures strict compliance with the highest European standards of accuracy, safety and eco-friendliness. Our technology is a strictly regulated field: sterile environments are both necessary for legal reasons and to ensure that equipment doesn’t become contaminated. We pride ourselves on our excellence in the field of safety. Our formulas are not delivered to the market without prior testing by science institutes and governmental agencies. We are confident that our products are free of toxins, and deliver the best results in antibacterial, antisporal and antivirus activity.

There are just as many reasons why the competitors’ products don't make the grade as there are why our silver micelles are top-notch.

Typical Silver Ions contain silver particles at roughly ten to fifty parts per million. AG OPTIMA features smaller particles, which means more dispersion of silver particulate within the solution. Stable charges particles sized 15-20 nm in our solution ensures high activity of our products. Our product is much more concentrated so therefore it is more powerful, long-lasting than any other atomic silver product and ensures high anti-spore antifungal, deodorization, bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect with absolutely no toxic components.

Another aspect of our company that speaks strongest about our commitment to quality is our test reports detailing the effectiveness of our products at killing all common bacteria and microbes found in cases of wounds, improperly prepared food and also algae growth in pools. Test samples ranged between E. coli to P. vulgarus. In every test, our products effectively killed 100% of the organisms.

Though we’d all like to think that all companies are reputable in some way or at very least honorable, some companies do use deceptive marketing practices that may include withholding important information regarding the size of the particles in their solutions, as they know that they include large silver particulate that can make their solution less effective with time. We disclose everything in our products and maintain a high standard of ethics. AG OPTIMA 1000 features stable-charged particles ranging between fifteen to twenty nanometers in size, comparably. Our solution will be the most potent on the market, even after being stored.

Silver Formula Co. Ltd. is an ethical company. Our mission is to ensure the safest and most effective way of disinfection that would be environmentally friendly as well. Our products don't harm the environment, the production process is completely safe.

Because we've integrated technology to develop our products we offer unparalleled value. We understand that the worldwide availability of a stellar anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent can help sick people heal and it can disinfect contaminated water both useful for emergency kits and for pool systems. Small companies aren't restricted access to our product – we have various sizes that can fit economically into any budget. Similarly, large companies are encouraged to find uses for our formulas as we are capable of providing thousands of liters as needed in any country.

Perhaps the strongest commitment that Silver Formula Co. Ltd. is known for is their cutting edge technology. To give you an idea of how intense our labs are, consider the context of a nanometer: a single nanometer is one billionth of a meter. It's so small, the best analogous representation of the length of a nanometer is the amount an average man’s facial hair grows during the time frame of picking the razor up from the sink and putting it up to his face to shave. Considering this information, electromagnetic microscopes, proton tweezers and a score of specialized machines are all necessary to even begin working on the nano scale. Assembly of useful compounds is only the tip of the iceberg: our lab in Europe is constantly researching and developing new ways to process and use silver. Nanotechnology is the next step towards the future: at Silver Formula Co. Ltd., we bring the future to our customers today.

Among those that may work in the medical, restaurant, spa treatment, property management, hotel or pool industry specifically, Silver Formula Co. Ltd. is confident that AG OPTIMA 1000 will be able to cut your costs while also opening your industry to new markets. People that had previously been unable to tolerate harsh chemicals found in public or private pools can swim when pools are treated with our innovative products. If patients lack the ability to produce anti-bodies but they already have open, festering wounds, it can be difficult to ensure their safety. Using our Nanosilver in bandage wraps and medicines, all living micro-organisms will quickly die off and flush through the body, harmlessly. Our non-toxic solutions are proven effective and safe by European Union, and we have extensive documentation showing that commonly found micro-organisms typically treated with irritants and toxic chemicals all die quickly when exposed to our natural, gentle products!

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Silver Formula™ is a self regulating, slow release, non toxic, maintenance free product
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